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Scott McKay is a Toronto strategist, writer, creative director, patient manager, half-baked photographer and forcibly retired playwright.

This little site is designed to introduce him and his thoughts to the world. (Whether the world appreciates the intro is another matter.) If you'd like to chat, then you can guess what the boxes below are for.



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    "They had their cynical code worked out. The public are swine; advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill-bucket."

          – George Orwell






    "Advertising – a judicious mix of flattery and threats."

          – Northrop Frye






    "Chess is as an elaborate a waste of time as has ever been devised outside an advertising agency."

          – Raymond Chandler


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    how to be a genius on absolutely no budget whatsoever

    In lieu of a real post, please enjoy a taste of The Sandbaggers, a brilliant spy show from the 1970s on British television. It shows you what you can do with pretty much zero budget – great writing and actors who absolutely believe in their roles combine to create the most tension I've seen outside of Hitchcock, and these episodes whip along at a speed that Peter Hunt would be proud of.

    The Ipcress File was marketed at the anti-Bond, and yes, it's cool in an unBondian way. But The Sandbaggers is the real deal – spies risking their lives in the midst of bureaucracy and politics. Pretty much, I think you'd have to say, the way it is.

    No one has ever come close to Ian Mackintosh's vision on this kind of budget, before or since.

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