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Scott McKay is a Toronto strategist, writer, creative director, patient manager, half-baked photographer and forcibly retired playwright.

This little site is designed to introduce him and his thoughts to the world. (Whether the world appreciates the intro is another matter.) If you'd like to chat, then you can guess what the boxes below are for.



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    "They had their cynical code worked out. The public are swine; advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill-bucket."

          – George Orwell






    "Advertising – a judicious mix of flattery and threats."

          – Northrop Frye






    "Chess is as an elaborate a waste of time as has ever been devised outside an advertising agency."

          – Raymond Chandler


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    his name is earl

    So, even though it's a completely different business, under completely different circumstances, this is pretty much what's it's like to get feedback about creative from people who aren't creative. Earl Pomerantz is one of those guys who's written a pantload of shows that have made comedy history. (And he's a Toronto boy to boot.) His glimpse of sympathy, maybe even insight, into the lives of the execs he was sitting with and getting feedback from is really what I'm trying to get at in this little blog.

    A 19th century German playwright Friedrich Hebbel once pointed us in the right direction. He wrote, "In a good play, everyone is right."

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